New Gudanglink Online Terbaru di Tahun Ini

Lintas.fonetekno.comNew Gudanglink Online Terbaru di Tahun Ini. At a glance when looking at The Blog Theme warehouse Link, very simple.. It turns out that it was formed using the PHP programming language,and Pharaoh bloggers began to doubt whether this could later be called a blog review or website review?

But the reason is that it has been decided to create a warehouse link review, then Pharaoh bloggers just continue.

First, from the point of view of Google, and the results.. Impressive!

It turns out that the link Warehouse already has a site link, meaning.. again, according to the Pharaoh Blogger.. Link warehouse is enough trusted in the eyes of the Google search engine.

Warehouse Link as a website( reluctant to mention the blog), loading is very fast, this experience is gained when bloggers Pharaoh try to access .. the question then is, Is it possible for the link warehouse to use a CDN?

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At a glance about CDN (Content Delivery Network or also mentioned as content Distributed Network), CDN is a technology that can create as if the blog is accessed from a country where visitors carry out access, by utilizing CDN, a website will be very quickly accessed (does not require long loading).

More about the CDN will Blogger Pharaoh wrote in a special article, now let’s go back to the laptop, Review The Warehouse Link.

Then the display of the homepage warehouse Link is simple, one of the things that grab the attention of the search field in the middle of the template, there is a stroke of the pen “keyword”, then there is a search icon on the right side..

With this appearance, the warehouse of links is more like a search engine (Search Engine) than a blog..

When this review was made, Blogger Pharaoh had time to try the search feature on the warehouse Link, by typing keywords in the field, then press enter, and.. Voila!

Like the Google search engine.. Just appear, a lot of results, from a lot of sources the news is obtained.. And the process is fast, is this the CDN effect? How exciting!

The global ranking of Link Warehouse is ranked 2,260,561, this is the Alexa version on september 8, 2019.. Pretty sexy number, but wait a minute..

Find a domain name it has been registered since the 15th of the 5th month of 2009, it is more than 10 years old!

But the results of the research Blogger Pharaoh about the age of the domain warehouse Link, some when after this article was published, personally received a correction from the owner warehouse Link, the owner said that the age of the domain has not been up to 1 year, at least 5 months.

Dayli pageview Gudang Link 4, this means that on average every visitor who visits Gudang Link also sees 3 other pages (pages) in one visit.. As a comparison material, Dayli pageview it is 4.88.

In addition to Dayli pageview, Blogger Pharaoh also try to check the bounce rate warehouse Link, it turns out the bounce rate is very low, only 23.1%.. The smaller the bounce rate, the better, at least this is based on the opinion of Pharaoh bloggers today, whether later if it changes hehe.

Conclusion Review Blog : Warehouse Link
After paying attention to the components of the blog review that has been peeled above, Blogger Pharaoh so interested also to make something like this, like .. search engines Ala warehouse links, but again, it seems that the cost is decent, not for this familiar time of course, unless there is a windfall.

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Finally Blogger Pharaoh try to give a conclusion after reviewing Gudang Link, first, the knowledge of bloggers Pharaoh main content Gudang Link is the search results themselves, second Blogger Pharaoh try to dare to give the value of the review results, and therefore steady soul 8/9!

Okay, so the article Review Blog: warehouse Link, let it be useful to add insight into the world of blogging. Oh yes, if you are interested in the world of blogging, please also read the blog Tutorial article.

Article Review Blog : warehouse Link is formed based on the opinions of bloggers Pharaoh, while the manufacturing process is sponsored by Article Writing Services Blogger Pharaoh (modern SEO quality articles written by experienced bloggers).

Please contact Review Blog: warehouse Link ” which is almost finished you read this.. If your blog already has at least 70 posts and is considered suitable, then your blog will be reviewed, greetings Blogger!

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