When His Eyes Opened Novel Chapter 206

Lintas.fonetekno.com– Chapter 205 After the Tate Industries dinner had ended, there was a series of entertainment. Chad’s friend promised him to let him join them. This way, Chad could get close to Mike.

After Avery and her family sat inside the car, Chad said to Elliot, “Mr. Foster, get some rest! Zoe’s hands are hurt, you haven’t visited her today, right? Why don’t you check on her so that she’s not disappointed.”

Elliot spent the whole day working today. Chad could tell that Elliot was not feeling well and so he used work to numb himself.

However, Elliot had to face her eventually.

Now Shea needed Zoe’s treatment. As Zoe’s boyfriend, Elliot must not be too harsh.

Around half an hour after Elliot had left, Chad’s friend came out from the restaurant.

There was a group of men coming out along with him. Including Mike.

“Our Director of Operations will wing us to continue drinking at the bar…Chad, I remember that you can drink a lot. Come and join us.” Chad’s friend patted Chad on the shoulder and said in a low voice, “I feel like he is more of a sister to Miss Tate…normally a couple won’t act like this. I don’t know if you get what I mean…find out when you drink with him later.”

Chad was shocked but pleased.

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If Mike was merely a friend of Avery, then that would be ideal

In the past two days, Elliot was feeling down due to Mike and Avery.

And yet, since they already had a divorce, Elliot could not do anything.

“To be fair, I’m not sure about my boss’ relationship with Shea. They’re not a couple but they… do have something. I can’t tell.” Chad said in a low voice, “Don’t spread this, if not, my boss will fire me.”

“Well, don’t tell anyone about what I told you as well. After all, he’s our Director of ‘Operations. If he’s not gay, he will definitely fire me.”


At the bar.

Under the dim light and with the alcohol working, one could lose consciousness easily.

Mike had two drinks when Chad’s friend brought Chad forward.

“Director, this is my friend, Chad. He is good at drinking, let him drink with you!”

Mike glanced at Chad.

Chad had an ordinary look but his eyes were special. Mike had not seen such clear eyes for a long time.

“How much can you drink?” Mike held on to his glass and touched it with Chad’s.

Chad said, “Half a bottle maximum, I don’t really drink a lot.”

“Oh, that’s not a lot. Well, then drink half a bottle with me, then!” Mike’s face was red, forming a stark contrast with his neck.

Chad had a drink with him. Based on their conversation and eye contact, Chad felt that Mike did not seem gay.

However, his friend said Mike seemed gay, so Chad decided he would test it further.

Chad took a deep breath and as the alcohol worked in their heads, Chad moved his legs toward Mike.

Mike saw it and he was quite shocked.

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Chad coughed and moved his legs away.

When he did this, Mike did not move his legs away.

This showed that he might actually be gay.

However, he was not sure yet.

Both of them finished their second drink. They were talking when Mike’s legs leaned forward out of the blue!

Their legs were touching very closely. Skin to skin.

Chad was speechless.

Mike was definitely gay, but he was not! He stood up right away as he was going to leave but Mike hugged him tightly!

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